Training And Development...They are different!

Remember that there is a big difference between training and development.  You need to be doing both for your children and your team members.

Training is when you are preparing me to do something for you.

Development is when you are preparing me for a bettter future.

Training is teaching me how to do something.

Development is teaching me how to be a whole successful person, to be competent not only technically,  competent as a manager,  competent technologically but also to be a great leader who is has relationship competency and can get along well with one on one relationships and multi-relationships.

When your team feels like you are developing them, they become committed to your organziation and your mission.

Training without development is selfish. Doing bothh is a win win for all involved.

Remember that people will not be committed to you unless they are sure you are committed to them.

Have a nice Sunday everyone….Lee

  1. Lee, excellent advice. this will come very handy with training the staff for the new First Watch we will be opening next month.

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