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Making Employee Accommodations

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
posted by Jody Maberry 1:00 AM

Creating Disney Magic podcast Lee Cockerell Jody MaberryAlways remember, employees are unique people. We all have our individual needs. At times, we may need accommodations to keep the rhythm between professional and personal life in sync.

In this episode of Creating Disney Magic, we examine making accommodations for employees.

Each need for an accommodation should be considered individually.

How does the request fit within company policies and procedures?

Are you able to make an arrangement where an employee can work from home?

Do whatever you can to help employees. We all want to feel special. We all have family situations and tragedies that arise. Do the best you can to work with an employee’s situation.

But keep in mind, the business has to still be able to operate. If the business goes out of business, everyone will have a problem.

Do what you can to accommodate an employee, but do not make an arrangement that will punish other employees.

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