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New Post on How to hire better

I have been working with Carol Quinn now for a couple of years to provide a much more effective way for interviewers to select the right people when they are making a hiring decision. Right now we are working on hospitality, retail, finance and health care. We want to develop the right questions to ask applicants and teach interviewers what to listen for and how to evaluate the answers.

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Hiring the right people for your organization is the most important thing you can do to ensure success so you should get better faster at interviewing and selecting the right can do people with passion for their work.


MBI is an effective interviewing method that is being used globally. It assesses an applicant’s skill, attitude and passion… the 3 components common to ALL ‘high achievers’ that enable them to produce above-average results. MBI improves the interviewer’s ability to correctly distinguish the self-motivated applicants who are passionate problem-solvers from those who merely interview well. MBI takes no extra interviewing time, is easy-to-learn and can be used to fill any job opening. It has been validated to improve quality-of-hire.


Four ways to learn motivation-based interviewing:


  1. Online on demand, high quality, interactive, self-paced course (4-5 hrs)
  2. Onsite instructor-led MBI workshop held at your location (1 day)
  3. 2-Day comprehensive MBI workshop held in Delray Beach, Florida
  4. Read the book: Don’t Hire Anyone Without Me!

Good luck….Lee

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