Do You Want More In Your Relationships, Health and Wealth?

What is OPTIMAL BEING?…..It is the most favorable place you can be in your relationships, your health,your wealth and anything else you decide to be the best in. Remember, “Everything is hard before it is easy.”
Hello Everyone

Do you feel like you’re NOT living your maximum potential? Ever feel like no matter how hard you
try, you’re not making a lot of progress?

I have found most people settle for an average or good life when they in fact could have a great life.

I would like to invite you to a teleseminar which could help you improve all parts of your life.

I would like to invite you to register for a Teleseminar  series specifically designed for folks who want more out
of their lives. It’s called the Optimal Being Telesummit!
The Optimal Being Telesummit is a free teleseminar series  providing life-changing information from 9 experts,
authors and speakers in experiencing maximum potential in your  relationships, health, and wealth.

The lineup of speakers is excellent. I will also be a speaker for this event!

Here’s a peak of some of the topics from the experts,  speakers and authors and how they can support you to live an
optimal life.
* Simple steps to create real MAGIC in your life with your  dealing with others using common sense strategies, such
as eliminate hassles, which is a chapter in my book Creating Magic. Being the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts gave me important insights into how to improve all parts of your life.

* Using the  simple HEALING CODE process that takes just a few minutes a day to heal your body, your emotions,
and your life by bestselling author Alex Loyd

* How PASSION is the key to creating an optimal life including applying the simple, most powerful tool to make your life
whatever you want it to be by bestselling author Chris Attwood
* 7 steps to creating a life of unconditional LOVE including how to turn off your body’s stress response and turn on your
body’s love response for greater health and fulfillment by  bestselling author Marci Shimoff
* Supercharging your vibrations about MONEY, including how to find and measure your exact “immediate” vibration about money
by success coach and EFT/tapping expert Margaret M. Lunch

* Learning how to play a new game using the simple OPTIMAL BEING system that helps you overcome challenges and accomplish your
goals more easily and with fun in the process by optimal being coach Missy Kalat and much more!!!
Click on this link  to get the whole story.
So don’t miss out. Grab your totally free Online Pass to this event! You owe it to yourself! It is never too late to get better….Lee

*For more information about me, go to my website at: On that site is information about the book I wrote for Disney, my leadership, management and service excellence blog, my public two day workshops, my on-line merchandise store and my iPhone or Android leadership apps titled Creating Magic…Leadership and Coaching on the Go.

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