Becoming Qualified is the Key to Making More Money

Creating Disney Magic podcast Lee Cockerell Jody MaberryWhen I was at Disney and someone would tell me they wanted more money, my answer was almost always “yes.” But probably not in the way you think.

Here is how I would tell people they could get more money;

“There is always a position that pays more than the one you are in. If you want more money, become qualified for the other position.

When you can show us you are capable of performing a job that pays more, you will make more.”

When I would explain it so straightforward, people would understand. Just tell people the truth.

If you want more money you have to be qualified to earn it. It is that simple.

When I worked as a Greaseman at a hotel in Lake Tahoe, I wanted more money than the $90 per week I earned. When I promoted to housekeeping a $10 per week raise came with the position. I became more qualified, moved into a different position and earned more money.

This is the formula to get more money.

Identify the job you want and focus on what it will take to get in that position. Talk to people who have the job. Find out more about the position and keep learning. Most people don’t try hard enough. If you apply yourself and show you can do the work, you will get your chance. Be persistent.

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